How To Make Your Own Winning Team? / Как создать команду-чемпиона?

winning-team.jpgTeams, teams, teams – they’re all around us these days. It doesn’t matter whether you love them or loathe them, you’ll have to learn to live, not only with them, but within them. You career will depend on it. Here are a few strategies for building a highly-effective team.

Manage by adultery

It’s a term coined by Chaparrel Steel to describe its management philosophy of treating workers like adults instead of children. People are hired, not to do mindless jobs, but to put their brains to work. Management’s job is to give the team or work group a mission; see that they get the necessary resources, provide feedback and encouragement; and then turn them loose to be creative problem solvers. Fortsätt läsa

Potential Of The Outdoors Team Development

team_outdoors.JPGThe Director had organised a great conference – the venue was first class, the service excellent and the content of the workshops and presentations very motivational. The only potential ”fly in the ointment” was the team building afternoon which was scheduled to take place outdoors as evidenced by the memo outlining the fact that waterproof jackets, trousers and boots should be brought along to the conference.

The ”rumour-mill” was working overtime. ”We’re going abseiling.” claimed one sales representative. ”No, I have heard it is an orienteering challenge.” claimed another. Fortsätt läsa

Team Building Basics Overview / Основы тимбилдинга – общий обзор

businessteambasics.jpgBusiness success often depends on forming teams to improve innovation, project completion and much more. Here are a few ideas to consider for building truly effective teams.

”A decade or so ago, the common view was that true teams rarely had more than 20 members,” says the Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Of course, today many complex tasks involve teams of 100 or more. According to HBR research, however, the tendency to collaborate decreases naturally as the size of a team increases beyond 20 members. When companies invest significant funds to collaboration capacity, under the right conditions, larger teams may cooperate effectively. Fortsätt läsa

Tiger Wood’s Successful Team Game

lg_woods.jpgFrom the moment he putted with Bob Hope on the Mike Douglas Show at age two, Tiger Woods appeared destined for fame. After an unprecedented junior and amateur career, his entry into the professional ranks in 1996 received tremendous publicity – and one of the largest sponsorship contracts in history. At age 28, having claimed 40 PGA Tour titles and with eight majors in his trophy case including the Tiger Slam, he has exceeded the loftiest expectations. Even more impressive, he is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet and is bringing thousands of new fans and players to the game.

Those of us who have regular jobs often feel pressure to perform. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to work with 50,000 people standing nearby and a worldwide television audience watching your every move, and you will briefly experience what it feels like to be Tiger. Fortsätt läsa

Making Corporate Meetings Effective / Как сделать корпоративные собрания более эффективными?


Imagine yourself entering some corporate or business meeting. There you are – sitting in the room, while someone in the ”expert” or ”chief” role speaks to everyone in the room. There you are, not aligned with that person’s mission or vision. There you are, feeling apart from the process. There you are, wasting your energy with a little desire of being there. There you are, hearing what is going wrong and what you or your team has to change or improve. How are you feeling?

Are you feeling a great connection to the meeting? Are you feeling enthusiasm about being present at the meeting? Are you fully present at such meetings? Are you deeply tuned in and listening with your heart and your head? Are you inspired to co-create, participate, and contribute? Or, are you ready to fall asleep, or count boring minutes? Fortsätt läsa

Consensus: Is that panacea for the team?

Consensus is the appropriate decision strategy for the most important team decisions. Every member of your team really needs to understand what consensus means indeed. A common misconception of consensus is that it means everyone strictly agrees with the decision.

If a team adopted this definition as the basis for all of its decisions, what would happen?

– The team would never be able to make a decision.

– The team members would jump to a decision too quickly.

– Unimportant matters would be over-discussed. Fortsätt läsa

Powerful Team Building Tool: Team Members Feedback


Feedback is priceless communication tool. Openness, honesty, candour, trust – all of these characterize high performance teams and organizations. Advanced feedback skills are very useful for any relationships.

Feedback is important because:

– It prevents small issues from festering into unmanageable problems.

– It creates trust in relationships.

– It clears up misunderstandings. Fortsätt läsa

Make Your Team Stronger – Create a Team Celebration Plan


When was your last team celebration? Have you been way too busy to bother? Sometimes we get so caught up in day-to-day work that we don’t take the time to step back and celebrate success. Some teams may even consider team celebrations as ”silly.”

It’s critical to celebrate success if you want your team to maintain their high performance. Successes are the ”motivating fuel” that keeps all of us pushing toward achieving the ”bigger and better” goals that we set.

What types of team interaction and discussions normally occur on a day-to-day basis with your team? If you’re like most businesses, it’s along the lines of the following:

– What’s going wrong with the current project.

– Recovering from changes that impact your product or service schedule negatively.

– How to satisfy a disgruntled customer. Fortsätt läsa

Team’s 4 Figure Income – Reasons For That / 4-х уровневая модель Команды

There’s another useful article on ”Team building tips & tricks” topic.

You are new to Internet Marketing, you join one Affiliate programs, you have your promotion tips, marketing tips, also the affiliate will provide you with the commission plan, and they will give you a personal website just like they are. Now the big question is ”Where am I heading??? ”

”People already know how to heading no where” what you need is a ”team to guide you to heading somewhere”

”Why TEAM Has a 4 figure income”

1. You will not working alone
2. Power of testimonials
3. Do’s and dont’s
4. Friend’s all around the world
5. Up’s and down’s

1. You will not working alone
How does it feels when you work as a team and achieved your goals with Friends that helps you, you can use the power of mailing list by Yahoo Groups to create your own personal team within your business to provide your team with
A. The newest Information within your Affiliate
B. Team Building Tips and Tricks to boost your skills
C. You can help each other, between your sponsors and your downline to share what problems you have while setting up your business. Fortsätt läsa

An R&D Team Will Boost Your Success

There’s another one team building idea I want to share with You.

One of the best ways to ensure that your planning is successful is to create your own R&D (research and development) team. All truly successful businesses have departments or teams specifically dedicated to finding and developing new and better ways to do whatever it is the company does, so why not you?

At it’s most basic, and R&D team a small group of friends that you bribe into helping you with problems by offerings of pizza and beer. At it’s most complex, it can be a worldwide network of e-quaintences who have signed on to receive email newsletters from you outlining the projects you are working on, and who in return offer feedback or creative help from hundreds of different perspectives. Fortsätt läsa