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Consensus: Is that panacea for the team?

Consensus is the appropriate decision strategy for the most important team decisions. Every member of your team really needs to understand what consensus means indeed. A common misconception of consensus is that it means everyone strictly agrees with the decision.

If a team adopted this definition as the basis for all of its decisions, what would happen?

– The team would never be able to make a decision.

– The team members would jump to a decision too quickly.

– Unimportant matters would be over-discussed. Fortsätt läsa

Powerful Team Building Tool: Team Members Feedback


Feedback is priceless communication tool. Openness, honesty, candour, trust – all of these characterize high performance teams and organizations. Advanced feedback skills are very useful for any relationships.

Feedback is important because:

– It prevents small issues from festering into unmanageable problems.

– It creates trust in relationships.

– It clears up misunderstandings. Fortsätt läsa

Create a Successful Work Team – Top 10 Methods For You


Teams are often useful in situations where the task cannot be completed individually or if the task requires working interdependently. However, a successful team requires thought and planning. Too often, a group of individuals is simply thrown together, given a mandate, ”marching orders” and then told, ”Now go make us proud!”

To create an effective work team, defined outcomes, common goals and correct skills are keys to success. Here are ten methods to create a successful work team.

1. Create a common, shared (team) goal. Fortsätt läsa

3 Steps To Successfully Build A Team

Any x by y matrix plan has one big risk… but also one big advantage.

The biggest risk: People in your downline might think they don’t have to promote and just wait for your spillover.

The biggest advantage: Still, it’s a great way to build a deep team quick… if you and the people in your team understand that they shouldn’t just sit and wait for it to happen.

The following 3 steps you need to follow and teach to build a successful team:

1. Find 2 people… Fortsätt läsa