Team Building Games: Energizers / Тренинговые упражнения на разогрев

team_energizers.jpgEnergizers are used to get a group moving, give a break from long periods of sitting down, and excite a group about the next portion of a program. Use them in small doses to rejuvenate a group after lunch or first thing in the morning. Pick and choose from the following:

Animal Circle: group in circle, one person in middle. Middle person points to anyone, who must ”make” animal with people on both sides (total of 3 people). If middle person counts to five before animal is ”made”, then center person of animal comes into middle of circle to replace middle person. Animal example: alligator, with middle person making jaws of two arms, and 2 side people make tail by holding hips of middle person.

What are you doing?: group in circle. First person starts by miming action (ex: brushing teeth). Person to left asks, ”what are you doing?” and first person answers with another action/activity (ex: climbing a ladder). Person to left must then act out climbing ladder, while person to their left asks, ”what are you doing?”. No one stops miming activity until everyone in circle is doing some activity/action.

People to People: human twister, with group in circle (paired up) and one person in middle. Middle person calls commands, such as ”hand to hand” or ”elbow to shoulder” to twist up pairs. After 2-3 twists, middle person calls ”people to people”, everyone raises arms and yells, running across circle. All must find new partner, including sole middle person, so one person will be left over and be new middle person. Repeat.

Clothespin Samurai: group in circle, one person middle with blindfold and ”sword” (inflatable or foam). Middle person has several clothespins attached to clothing (back, arms, legs, shoes, etc.). Group members must remove pins without getting whacked by sword. If whacked three times, you’re out.

Eye Contact Samurai: group in circle, one person in middle who calls ”heads down”. Everyone bows heads. When middle person says, ”heads up”, everyone looks up and at anyone else in circle. If any pair makes direct eye contact, they must swap places, with middle person trying to get into one of the places. Leftover person becomes new middle person.

Partner Tag: in twos, partners link arms. One pair starts as ”it” and separates, with one of the two chasing the other. Everyone else in pairs just walks around. Person being chased is ”safe” when he/she link arms with anyone, but whoever is on other side of newly linked person is now solo and can be tagged by chaser. New person being chased becomes safe by linking with anyone he/she chooses, forcing someone else to unlink and become chased.

Earthquake and Eviction: one person alone to start, rest of group in threesomes, with two people making house of hands and one person standing underneath. Lone person calls either ”eviction”, in which everyone in a house must leave and find new one, or ”earthquake”, in which all houses collapse and everyone must form new threesomes of house and resident. Either way, lone person tries to get into one of the threesomes, so person left over becomes new ”caller”.

Assassin: group in circle. Rules: choose someone in circle to be your assassin without informing them. Also choose a bodyguard without informing. To stay alive, must keep bodyguard between you and your assassin. When leader yells ”freeze”, check if alive or dead.

Pulse Race: in two lines, holding hands. Everyone has eyes closed except leader of each line. A beach ball or other object is placed at opposite end of lines from leaders. Facilitator stands by leaders and flips a coin. If tails, do nothing. If heads, leaders start pulse race by squeezing hand of person next to them, which sets off chain reaction. When last person in line feels hand squeezed, he/she may open eyes and grab for beach ball. Whichever team gets ball first each round gets a point. After each round, leader goes to end of line.